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Kanha is 160 kms from Jabalpur which is the nearest air link as well as good rail connectivity. The other option for rail travelers is Gondia which is 150 kms. Do keep a gap of 4 hours travel time as  certain parts of the road are not great.

There are two ways to reach Kanha - the road from Jabalpur via Mandla brings you to the Khatia gate where most of the resorts are located. You then enter the park through the Kisli gate. if you are coming from Nagpur, you enter the Mukki gate which lies in the Balaghat area. There are resorts located at Mukki too. To do justice to your visit,  your 5-6 safaris should cover all areas of Kisli, Kanha & Mukki for which you will need to book your safari online and well in advance.

While on safari, it is a good idea to visit the  interpretation centre  located inside the park. One of the best interpretation centres that I have seen which is very imaginatively conceived and gives good insight into the forest and wildlife of this areas

Thank you to the dynamic duo of Adesh & Mandar of Nature India for organising this trip and especially for their passion in sharing the wild wonders of our country with our group.

The staff of Mogli Resorts, drivers and  guides went out of their way to make our trip memorable and their efforts are very well appreciated. A special note of gratitude and appreciation to the Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh for their good park management. Special mention needs to be made about their very well developed and creatively designed interpretation centre that is a must visit inside the park. their dark room is a good stimulation of the night life in the forest.

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